Friday, April 5, 2013

Pillow Talk

     It's O.K. right? stay up late every once in awhile? To look through pictures of your child and reminisce  of the wonderful times with them. To have pillow talk with your amazing hubby. I love pillow talk, I love lying in bed late at night talking and giggling like we are little kids again. Talking BIG... Discussing our BIG hopes and dreams we have for our little family. I love being married. I love having a husband. A hubby who has ambition. I love our little peanut. I love how incredibly simple life is right now.


  1. Aaaaaaaawww!!!!! What a beautiful hubby and baby for a beautiful wife and mother!! I love you guys and miss you sooo much!!!! such a great picture!!!

  2. i just found your blog and read this adorable post...more please! XO miss you!