Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dear Norah Jane,

 You are 6 months. Time has gone fast. Too fast. I look at you and cannot believe how much i already love you. My heart swells and aches just thinking about how much you mean to me. You are my world- you and your dad- you two are all i need.
   I used to babysit a lot. One thing i loved to watch was how the mothers knew everything about their kids. They knew when they would need to nap or what signals they gave for hunger. They knew their children better than the back of their own hands. I  LOVED this and couldn't wait to KNOW my child like that.
    Now i have you. And i know everything about you. I know you love to cuddle with something soft right before you go to rest. I know you rub your eyes when you get sleepy. I know that right when you wake up you will be hungry.

 I know that you are getting your first tooth because of your runny nose and fever.I know that if i feed you some rice cereal after dinner and put you down early, then you will sleep through the night. 
 I know that if i place you in front of the mirror, you will get the biggest grin across your face. 

 I know that you only fuss when your hungry or tired, you are even temperedI know that when i peek over the crib, i will see all smiles from you.
I know when your bow falls down on your mouth, you will have a mustache

I know that if i set you on the floor, you might fall back and bonk your head, so i must put a pillow behind- just in case.

 I know that when i sing to you, you will try to sing along with your tiny little sounds. And that as I sing to you, my eyes will fill up with tears, and i will have a hard time finishing the song. 

I know that you love bath time, you could sit there all day if i'd let you.

 I know that when your dad comes home, both of you will be entertained for hours on end... i love watching your face light up when you see him. 

I know that when you see another baby or child you will smile with your whole body. I know that if i take you to the store you will brighten everyone's day.
 I know that once you fall asleep, then i can spy on you  (p.s. i miss you when you sleep).

         I know that i am your mother and that i will continue to learn more about you each day. I am so blessed. 

I love you Norah Jane.


  1. Oh that is sooo sweet! I loved reading this and looking at the pictures! I feel like I just had a visit... without the sugar! Love you guys!

  2. Nicole, I love the way you said this. happy birthday Norah 6 months.

  3. This is darling!! Brought tears to my eyes reading it. Norah is one lucky girl to have you as her momma. Miss you guys SOO much. Love you!

  4. This is the cutest thing I've ever read!