Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas with Norah Jane

   I think it's fair to say that this was the BEST Christmas. Norah's sweet little spirit brought more joy to the already joyous season. We were very fortunate to spend time up at my parents cabin in Midway. Our favorite family from San Fran came home too. Norah was definitely spoiled, i don't think she was ever put down. Everyone wanted to hold her, and of course she didn't mind.
  It's amazing what a child can add to your life. I look back on  what i thought were my happiest moments and am amazed that i could even be happier. Even getting out of my warm bed on a dark winter morning is enjoyable. It's like i'm a little kid again, i'm anxious to wake up and play with my new favorite toy. 
   Because of Norah, our Heavenly Father's plan of eternal families, is more beautiful than ever. We need children in our lives. They keep us humble, make us happier and they complete our marriage. Mine and Tyler's relationship has become meaningful.I respect him, I love him, so much more. I am grateful for Norah Jane.She may be tiny as ever, but what she has given to us is unmeasurable. 


  1. SO darling nicole! love everything about this. cutest little fam on earth! xo

  2. I love that Christmas photo, so darling! She is precious, I am so happy for you guys!